What is it with your fascination with North American subject matter?

People often ask me (replace ‘often’ with ALWAYS) why so many of my designs have such a north american theme, and honestly, I don’t know!! I know its a pretty lame answer, but it was never my intention to focus on this style of work. I have many things that I have always loved to draw, eagles, feathers, wolves, bears, and when I put them together in a design they just seems to come out that way. I don’t particularly like to follow the trends, I know that the Native American style with the War Bonnets and arrows etc really have had their day in the sun over the last few years as a popular style, but I have just always found these things so beautiful.

I also find it quite funny that the majority of my online sales actually do go to Canada and North America, especially my Pinecones and Native American Headdress, but when you think about it, do Australians buy cushions with wombats and possums on them? Maybe we have a different sort of appreciation for our native flora and fauna…

I just know that I love this type of subject matter and always have. Maybe I should put a disclaimer on my work saying “No I was not born there..” so I didn’t have to answer the question all the time. I guess I am thankful that this style has been a real bohemian trend which has really helped my business flourish over the last few years. I don’t want to draw what people want me to draw, is that wrong? I’ll just keep creating and hoping that people like it! Thankyou so much to everyone for supporting me to do what I enjoy doing! xx


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