Beautiful logo design and birth services branding by Tasmanian graphic designer Lara Hardy from Billie Hardy Creative

Nestle and Bloom offers professional, safe and holistic Postpartum Doula and Placenta Remedies services for expecting mamas.

With a solely feminine target market, the final design really focused on mum’s. The shape of the logo symbolizing a womb, placenta, egg, nest; a shape not too perfect and not too uniform.

The placement of text plays a huge role in the design; the ‘Nestle’ almost mothering and cradling the ‘&’, and the ‘Bloom’ is free and expressive, extending beyond the safety of the womb or egg.  The use of the Peony flower symbolizes ‘new life’ and ‘beauty in all forms’, with some perennials known to bloom for over 100 years after planting.



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