Victress Hand Drawn Illustration by Billie Hardy Creative

Mummy's Having a Homebirth

A commissioned illustration and design from Nat of Nestle and Bloom.

The book is a heartfelt story of a young girl following the journey of her mother's pregnancy and homebirth.
A book filled with rhymthic words, illustrations and a glossary to educate and prepare little one/s for the arrival of their new sibling.

Available in 2 versions; 'Mummy' and 'Mommy' both on Amazon.

rainbows-Mummy's Having a Homebirth Children's Book

Blissful Herbs

Julie Bell from Blissful Herbs is a Herbalist and Doula from NSW.
I was commissioned to illustrate 4 designs that would be used on gift cards and tote bags.
Each design features the medicinal herbs that she uses in her practice.

You can learn more about her here at Blissful Herbs.

    Blissful Herbs Illustrations
    Herb Garden Blissful Herbs Illustration

    Taryn Gaudin Body Conscious

    Body Conscious

    Taryn Gaudin is a QLD based Physiotherapist, Lover of Movement & Nature; & Passionate Women's Whole Body Connection Therapist.
    I had the pleasure of illustrating her her self published first book Body Conscious.

    Body Conscious is for women who are seeking to connect with and understand their feminine body on a deeper level. It shares the answers to the questions women have about topics that are often considered too delicate to talk about. This book is for women who want more than the western medical approach that offers a limited scope of wellness. Rooted in an understanding that we are more than our physical body, Body Conscious offers an exploration of how our emotional, energetic, and spiritual health impacts our pelvic health and our overall wellbeing. Body Conscious respects the multi-layered and dynamic nature of female wellness and the pain that we carry within - offering education, guidance, and practices, to help you reveal your unique healing path.

    You can learn more about Body Conscious here.

    Diastasis Illustration for Body Conscious by Lara Hardy